Nebula Refit Class
Nebula Refit Profile

In the year 2373, after the initial success of the Galaxy Class Refit, refit began on an existing Nebula Class ship. The USS Bismarck was dry-docked at Avalon Flee Yards. The project was to refit the ship to be more survivable in combat. This would include the installation of the Phaser 'cannon' developed for the Galaxy Class refit, stronger shielding, extra maneuverability and speed, an enhanced weapons pod, and enlarged shuttle bay.

Nebula Refit

    February: Starfleet issues a general design brief to upgraded and refit the Nebula Class Statship. The USS Bismarck is moved to pod 12 at the Avalon Fleet Yards. The general idea, to modify, upgrade, and refit the ship with the latest technologies is began. One month later, construction begins on two more of the class. 
    May: Starfleet reviews the Design Schematics and approve briefs for the propulsion, computer, weapons, spaceframe, shields, and other upgrades. The Main shuttle-bay in enlarged by 50%. Ablative Armor is applied to the entire ship. Phaser 'Cannon' from the Galaxy Class Refit project, more then 10x as strong as Type-X phasers, is installed. New weapon's pod installed. The new pod features 6 photon/quantum torpedo launchers, 4 Science labs, and extra impulse engine. One Type-X phaser array is added to underside of both warp nacelles for added dorsal protection.
    December: Upgraded warp coils are installed. Computer systems under go a full overhaul.

    June: All new systems brought online and pass Reviews 1, 2 and 3. Simulations show ship will be more maneuverable at impulse speeds. Second and third ships of the class near completion. Final completion scheduled for early October. 
    October: ASDB blocks attempts to Recommission the ship sighting problems in the Phaser 'Cannon', as they did with the Galaxy Class Refit. Starfleet command over rules the ASDB, and commissions the ship. Warp Stress Coating is finally applied. Captain Phil Brown takes command on 30, October during a brief ceremony. Ship heads for the Dominion lines.

Technical Specifications for Nebula Refit ships

expected duration: 100 years
time between resupply: 5 years
time between refit: 10 years
category: Explorer/Dreadnought

cruising speed: Warp 7.2
maximum speed: Warp 9.7
emergency speed: Warp 9.95 ( For 12 hours )

enlisted crew: 625
marines: 290
passengers: 130

Auxiliary Craft:
shuttle bays: 2
shuttles: 18
fighters: 7 Razor Class fighters,
runabouts: 4
    1 Blackhawk Class Runabout
    1 Danube Class Runabout
    1 Repulse Class Runabout
    1 Beowulf Class interceptor

    12 type-XI phaser arrays
    1 ventral phaser cannon
    launchers: 2 ( 1 forward, 1 aft )
    photon: 700
    quantum: 250
    tri cobalt: 20
    Ablative armor
     Class 9 Bubble, regenerative shielding system

height: 130.43 meters
width: 315.11 meters
length: 442.23 meters
decks: 34 (42 including pod)