Midway Class
Midway Profile

Begun in early 2364, the Midway Class is designed to be a fast, powerful explorer. Started as a possible replacement for the Galaxy Class, the Midway Class has become a great companion to the Galaxy and Sovereign Classes. Officially labeled as a Light Cruiser, the Midway Class, is small, maneuverable, fast, and powerful, packing the same punch as a standard Galaxy Class Starship.

Midway    Midway

2364: Starfleet issues a general design brief for a multi purpose vessel capable of deep space, combat, and diplomatic missions. The general idea is for a modular starship, which would be based around either replacing or as a counterpart for the Galaxy Class. Two project briefs are handed to Starfleet for the Midway and Sol-Aire Classes. The Midway class is approved by Starfleet as the prototype vehicle. Permission for base designs are approved.

2365: Starfleet views the Design Schematics for the Midway Class and after deliberation, the primary design is approved and briefs for the propulsion, computer, weapons and spaceframe parameters are sent out to Starfleet Design agencies for consultation. Spaceframe Design is approved and full specifications are forwarded to the Arteries Fleetyards - Arteries opens pod two for production of the USS Midway and pod 12 for production of the USS Yamato ( Named after the ill-fated Galaxy Class ship lost early that year ). Production begins with a projected 9 year turnover for the Prototype ship.

2366: Saucer section separation mechanism is approved. Taking advantage of research from the Intrepid Class design team, propulsion teams for the Midway design a variable-geometry nacelle, but instead of pivoting up, the Midway's nacelles slide side to side on the pylons. This is found to give the same results are the Intrepid's design. Integration of Sovereign Class Warp Coils are approved.

2367: Chassis construction on USS Midway and USS Yamato begin.

2368: Theoretical Propulsions Dynamics labs send a modified Sovereign Class warp core, fully functional, for fitting and testing with the bare chassis. Chassis latching system passes Review One. By the end of the year the Spaceframe is 99% completed.

2369: Saucer section separation latches fail Review Two. Early in the second year, computer cores arrive and are fitted to the Midway. By mid July, reactors are online and supplying primary power. In the latter half of the year the computer system are operating at 72% of maximum. System expected to become self aware within the year. Warpcore begins primary testing. Star drive section nears completion with final attachment of the navigational deflector array. Bridge module attached to Primary hull. Master chassis now completed for seven Midway Starships. Hulling work begins on USS Cheyenne.

2370: Primary hull work complete. Habitat modules are attached and bridge unit is brought to functional status. Chassis is completed. Starfleet push forward to phase II and construction of a further five ships begin at Arteries.

2371: Computer systems are uploaded and tested. Primary modules are attached and outer hull of the saucer section nears completion.

2372: Warpcore passes Review Three and it tested to 85% peak. Computer system fully self aware and umbilical from the station are cut as the ship become self sufficient. Structural latching systems onboard the USS Midway with regards to Saucer separation are tested and approved. Impulse systems pass Review Three and being autonomous low level power control. Secondary backup generators are shut down and become auxiliary system control. Structural latching system for saucer separation passes Review Three. USS Midway leaves dry dock for primary testing estimate to last six months.

2373: USS Midway return to Arteries early in year. Warp Stress Coating is applied and USS Midway begins deep space assessments projected to last six months. All primary tests have passed Review 4.

2374: USS Midway returns to Arteries for final exterior markings and paint. On 2, March 2374 the USS Midway is officially commissioned by Starfleet at Arteries during a brief ceremony. Bridge Plaque is put in pride of place and Captain Mark O'Mally. takes command. USS Midway sent to the Cardassian Border.



Technical Specifications

expected duration: 110 years
time between resupply:
5 years
time between refit:
10 years
Explorer/Light Cruiser

cruising speed:
Warp 6.5
maximum speed:
Warp 9.85
emergency speed:
Warp 9.991 ( For 17 hours )

enlisted crew:
marines: 74

Auxiliary Craft:
shuttle bays:

  11 type-XI phaser arrays
launchers: 2 ( 1 forward, 1 aft )
photon: 600
    quantum: 250
    hellfire: 40

    transphaisic: 4
tri cobalt: 10
        Class 9 Bubble, regenerative shielding system
       Ablative Armor

height: 85.4 meters
width: 224.5 meters
length: 528.1 meters
decks: 22

Additional Information:
Currently, there are 17 in service. 7 were lost during the Dominion and Borg conflicts. The class is no longer being produced.