Main Shuttle Bay 

Welcome to deck 4 the Main Shuttle-bay

Here, all of the Auxiliary Spacecraft aboard the Pegasus-B are held, maintained, and upgraded. Shuttle-Bays 2 and 3 are on deck 13 of the secondary hull. Shuttle-bay 3 is used solely for the Marines board the ship.




Shuttle leaving the Pegasus' #3 Shuttle-bay, heading toward the USS Nimitz, and Excelsior class ship.The Pegasus-B has what amounts to a small fleet of craft in her 3 Shuttle-Bays. She carries a complement of 4 personal shuttles, 12 special-purpose craft (runabouts and interceptors), 10 Attack Fighters, 8 Work Bees, and 4 Sphinx Work pods. Beside the Main Shuttle-bay is the Flight Ops Office for all external craft.

The Main Shuttle bay houses 4 Sphinx work pods, 1 Type-11 Personal Shuttle, The USS Perseus, USS Hercules, USS Orion, USS Zeus, USS Hades, USS Demeter, and the USS Artemis.

Shuttle-Bay 2 holds, 8 Work Bees, 2 Type-9 Personal Shuttles, USS Asclepius, USS Theseus, and the USS Apollo.

Shuttle-Bay 3 houses, 1 Type-11 Personal Shuttle, USS Poseidon, 8 Eagle class Attack Fighters, and 4 Redemption class Fighter/Bombers.

Shuttles and runabouts NOT to scale!

4 Sphinx work pods


Work Bee
8 Work Bees

2 Type-9 Personal Shuttles

2 Type-11 Personal Shuttles


1 Danube Class Runabout USS Asclepius (Medical Version)

2 Beowulf Refit Class Interceptors; USS Perseus and USS Hercules

1 Huron Class Runabout USS Artemis

2 Mustang Class Combat Runabouts USS Zeus and USS Hades

1 Orion Class Scout ship USS Orion

Scout Ship  

1 Blackhawk Class Marine assault/personnel Runabout USS Poseidon

1 Delta Flyer Class Runabout USS Apollo

2 Argo Class Runabouts USS Demeter and USS Theseus

8 Eagle class fighters
Eagle profile

4 Redemption class fighter/bombers
Redemption profile

Climb aboard the:

USS Apollo
USS Artemis

USS Asclepius
USS Demeter
USS Hades
USS Hercules

USS Orion

USS Perseus

USS Poseidon
USS Theseus

USS Zeus

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